Monday, December 03, 2007


Oh Sales Meeting, how I do love thee! All the early morning meetings and late night dinners and furious presentation prep.

Honestly, I've done this every six months for almost six years and every single time I promise I will relax and not worry so much...and here I sit, a frazzled little mess still putting the final touches on my 2008 plan. And feeling so sad that I lost my camera yesterday somewhere between a gas station in Phoenix and my house.

But here is a song that I love to sing my guts out to.

Love Song


Mike said...

That's one miiiiighty fine tune from Sara Bareilles.....I'm sure your sales meeting is/will be smashing !

Damian said...

Do you use Keynote for your presentations? I just fell in love with it.

Emily and Danny said...

Sara Bareilles? Wow, your blog is really hitting me today...sorry for the comment overload. Don't worry, I downloaded that song about a month and 1/2 ago....lets just say that Danny has heard me singing pretty loud in the shower lately when I pop that one in the ihome located on the bathroom counter.

RO said...

HEY! You like that song because of ME!! I know it!!