Friday, October 26, 2007


Wow, so it turns out you really DO start falling apart in your thirties.

In the last 48 hours I have thrown out my back, gotten a root canal and fitted for more crowns than I would like to talk about.


But sometimes getting older makes you is the case with some good friends who just had their first baby. In an unusual twist, Daddy has been doing most of the blogging about their new arrival and he is not only enormously entertaining but also really good at gently tugging at your heart without veering off into cheesy. His post
yesterday was particularly nice.

Have a good weekend folks!


Daisy Paige said...

Yuck about your root canal. That really sucks.

Kelly said...

Sorry about the bad teeth news!

My crow's feet started raging out of control this past year.

Rookie Dad said...

Aw shucks, thanks for the shout-out, K.

Chris said...

girlfriend, I've had two root canals resulting in two crowns just this year...I feel your pain.