Friday, October 19, 2007

La Ti Da

It has nothing to do with crows feet, slowing metabolism or the need for more sleep-a sure sign you are getting older is what you choose to do with a couple of days off.

I have been a traveling maniac the last six weeks so when I left New York on Wednesday I asked my boss if I could take a few comp days so I could go back to actually having coherent thoughts again. I made a list of all the things I was excited to do with what feels like an obscene amount of time to myself. My 25 year old self would have been so depressed about my list.

2. Dry cleaning
3. organize bathroom drawers
4. get a haircut
5. blah blah more boring cleaning stuff

So that is what I did yesterday. I cleaned, I organized, I finally took some jeans I bought in JULY to be hemmed. My new living space philosophy is one I read in Real Simple a few months ago-"Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." I am a packrat by nature and I hold on to just about everything (there are 1098 email messages in my g-mail inbox if that tells you anything.) I just can't part with anything that might have a shred of meaning. I did a major closet overhaul a few weeks ago and finally threw out a suit I haven't worn in FIVE years but have kept because it was my first grownup suit.

Anyway, except for a few hours of TV watching and lunch with a friend, I spent the whole day catching up on all the little tasks that build up when you are never home. And it was really, really nice. I have a couple little project to finish up today before another lunch date and a nice long run at the beach and then I will feel like all the garbage in my life is GONE. I can feel my younger self shaking her head that I didn't spend two straight days at the beach but she clearly doesn't realize how much better you sleep in a spotless house.

You feel like this.
The Icicles
(stolen from Mike's blog, I'm such a thief lately!)


Miss Hass said...

I highly recommend getting rid of anything that's not useful. It makes me so happy!

f*bomb. said...

It's times like these where I understand how being the CEO of your household really IS a full-time job. Mad respects to the stay-at-home moms and people who actually have a daily routine out there!

April said...
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ThomCarter said...

Clean sheet + vacuumed room = peace.

cropstar5 said...

loving this song!