Saturday, June 30, 2007

A word of advice

Here is a week I don't recommend you try to copy...

Run one 178 mile relay at altitude
Rest one day
Get up at 5:00 a.m. and fly to Wasau Wisconsin
Give a presentation in front of account big wigs
Get stuck in Chicago on the way home
Get up early the next morning, wait around the airport for four hours waiting to get a flight home
Spend one frantic day on your office trying to catch up on a week away
Fly to Denver, toss and turn all night
Get up early and go to all day outdoor sales event

If at all possible, try not to drink enough water and displace as many meals as possible while you bounce around from time zone to time zone.

If you do all of these, you too might have the pleasure of PASSING OUT IN THE BOOTH at your work event. Yep, that's right. I passed out cold this morning while getting a chair massage in our event booth. I pretty much remember thinking, "I really don't want to be rude to this massage therapist but I'm feeling really naseous..." and then I stood up and heard my co-worker Shane ask if I wanted to go back to the hotel. The next thing I knew I was seeing a bunch of worried faces and hearing someone say, "yeah, she's opening her eyes."

I was really embarrassed but the paramedics were already on their way so I just laid in the grass and and tried to figure out what happened. When the paramedics got there they took my blood pressure and blood sugar levels, both of which were normal. Then I started reviewing the last seven days and I really didn't need the nice guys to tell me that it might be a good idea to SLOW DOWN. I've been sleeping and watching TV and drinking Gatorade and water all afternoon. I feel a alot better, but there is nothing fun about fainting at work.

So all your crazy runners out there, remember! It's summer and it's hot, drink your fluids. Get your rest. Let someone else be Superman.


Rod Clifford said...

Reminds me of the newspaper days when you were a baby/toddler. Monday morning through Wednesday night was pretty much work through with maybe 4 or 5 total hours sleep. Take better care of yourself, kid - and relax.

f*bomb. said...

See? I told you so! Excercise is hazardous to your health!

I passed out a work one time. We were in the middle of surgery (my first one) and I think the violence of the whole process disturbed me...NOW I understand why people are so bruised and sore after surgery! I made it to the hallway and nearly fainted twice on my way to the bathroom. Good thing the nurse saw me turn green and followed me out the OR.

Dainon said...

Duly noted.

Mary said...

Heavens, child! So glad you're slowing down, please take care!

bets said...

glad you're feeling need to stop all the crazy right now!

chloe elizabeth said...

well, I'm glad I'm not a crazy runner. Seriously, k8, no a gun day!

aporitic said...

Train for life like you train for a race.