Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Summer of Fun

I was saving some lifestyle imagery to my pics folder here at work today and ran across this

This photo was taken over Memorial Day weekend last year, a weekend also known as the kick-off to "The Summer of Fun". Playing off a New Year's Resolution Emily and I had made that "there is no reason every night can't feel like a friday", we decided that the summer of 2005 would be one where no reasonable suggestion of f-u-n would be denied. Lane and Matt had recently rejoined the group after teetering on the brink of eternal romantic committment* and the sun had finally decided to tease New England with a bit of it's presence. This particular night we had attended a wedding reception where the groom's father quoted maybe just a little bit too much Napoleon Dynamite and we all whispered and laughed just a bit too loudly at our friends making the toasts. The party was over early and we were all dressed up with nowhere else to go and thus ended up at a dueling piano bar down by Fenway Park. The place was jammed but we managed to find a table near the back and proceeded to get about as wild as a bunch of nicely dressed, sober, mormon kids can. Which as you can see, can get relatively sketchy when you take that whole "we were stone-cold sober" into account.
I am pleased to report that the Summer of Fun was a screaming success. Plenty of afternoon tennis, picnics on the Charles, sleeping on the porch, swimming in Walden Pond, speeding tickets in upstate New York....it may have even beat out the infamous "summer of boys" from 2000 and definitely kicked the crap out of the failed "virgin no more in 2004". There is talk that this year might be the 'highly effective'. We'll see.

*to women you guys. to women.


mattaca said...

I just refound that same photo the other day too! Just one request: can you add an addendum to the entry that clarifies Lane and I were not "teetering on the brink of eternal romantic committment" WITH EACH OTHER?!

Dainon said...

I spy an Amy in the background ... and, I'm not gonna lie to you, it makes me miss her.

k8 said...

your hetero rep is now protected mr matt.

and yeah, join the "i miss amy" club. that girl is pure gold.