Sunday, May 28, 2006

Days Were Golden

Last weekend I had the pleasure of playing hostess to a couple of friends from very different parts of my life. Damian, who I have known since the fifth grade, and Bev, who I worked with at the Olympics.
Saturday morning we went to breakfast and then to American Apparel to buy some t-shirts for Damian to draw on for us. Although Bev got a little side tracked.
Then I fell in love with a pair of wildly sexy shoes that were just a little too big. The good news is that later that week I went back and found them in my size. I know you are all really relieved
We headed back to my house and flipped through Damian's sketch book to find designs for our shirts
Then Damian drew the designs we picked onto the tees with a bleach pen
And then he rinsed them off and put them in the washer.
While our t-shirts dried we went to Balboa Island to get frozen bananas
Chocolate covered frozen bananas that is
Here Bev models her one-of-a-kind-dinosaur-on-her-side-bleach-pen-shirt-extraordinaire
After we enjoyed fish tacos at Wahoo's, Keith came down from LA to say hello. Look at Damian and Keith innocently catching up.
But as soon as you turn your back on these two-your kitchen will never be the same
Seriously, is this a face you should trust?
The boys made us laugh for a bit and then Damian had to leave to meet up with his parents who also happened to be in town. Keith lounged around on my couch for awhile.
The next day Bev and I went to the beach, did some work, and ate some yummy sushi
Bev left late Sunday night to get back to Atlanta. One of these days I'm making good on my plan to make everyone I love live in a giant compound somehere. This whole only seeing them every once in awhile is really starting to get on my nerves....


Dainon said...

How can I score a Damien original?

(braces self for sarcastic remark)

k8 said...

you have to score with damian.

(you asked for it)

Kelly said...

I want to see your shirt too.

Bev said...

You got the shoes!Oh and you forgot to mention that the last picture took 457 shots to get one "normal" one....Also my dinosaur shirt is becoming quite famous around these parts. It's a good thing because I will now be throwing away my brown shirt displayed in these pictures...I LOOK PREGNANT!! WHAT?!?.

aporitic said...

I'd just like to say that Kieth looks so damn good in that beard that I'm about to shave mine off in shame.

k8 said...

ok, so i didn't really want to admit that we took exactly 30 minutes and 800 tries to accomplish looking totally chill and relaxed on my front porch. But it's true. I have a bunch of photos of bev and i looking neither chill, nor relaxed. all are funny. none are seeing the light of day. same goes for the photos of my tee. i'll have to carve out an hour to take a proper self-portrait.

Manfoom said...

the shirts are just Okay.

seriously, you gotta set the horrizon of expectations low.