Monday, October 01, 2012

She's a Libra

Today is October 1-the beginning of Q4 and the day I restart all those good healthy habits that the summer shot to hell.

September was ridiculous-Washington DC, Portland, and a whirlwind trip to Munich to look at spots for Sochi Team Processing. I'm in love with Germany (more on that later) and fired up about the next Games but I'm more fired up about the rest of 2012. I have a trip to St. George to celebrate my birthday with brother bike rides, sister-in-law hot yoga classes and plenty of chasing my nephews around the yard. It looks like Thanksgiving might see all the Clifflets in once place and our magnificently awesome CEO is shutting us down between Christmas and New Year's so I will spending a few glorious weeks relaxing in the SLC which is pretty much my favorite way to wrap up any year, but especially this totally off the wall one.

I want to finish 2012 strong so I'm back to my Insanity workout regimen and trying to see if I can bring some balance back into my life. We'll see how it goes but I'm turning 36 in two weeks and I'm pretty determined that if I have to get older, I'm going to take advantage of the wiser too.

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You + Me + Multiple Hangouts in SLC