Sunday, September 16, 2012

The District

I spent last week in DC re-outfitting Team USA to go meet the President of the United States so maybe what I said about getting back to NORMAL life was premature.

They sure looked adorable though. As they were all streaming out of the hotel on Friday morning and I was climbing on buses to do Nike shoe checks, I had to cover my eyes a few times so I wouldn't look too emotional. There are some really terrific photos here.

A room full of Olympians is always entertaining-this young man was waaaay too tall for the pants we had so he told me he was going to say hi to Barack like a traditional fencer.

On a plane again tomorrow to go look at Sochi gear and then I am determined to finish my London summer wrap up post.

Here is a sneak peek.

This is who you think it is. He managed to wear it for real a few weeks later. 
Making it look pretty
Olympic stadium
My new boyfriend (not really, but this was the night I met Bill Simmons AND went to Beach Volleyball AND sat by this guy so....big big night. )

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