Monday, November 21, 2011


"Someone Like You" gets all the glory for being so pretty and pitiful but the song I like best off the last Adele record is "Rumor Has It".

It's delightfully bitchy and way less "poor sad single girl still pining over married guy." Gross. 

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NatAttack said...

While I'm glad Adele put at least *one* upbeat song on this album (one day she'll be just a tiny smidge peppy or happy, riiiiight?) and as much as I TRY to like this song, it kind of drives me crazy.

I tried to give it another try with the video you posted here, and like always, I get through the verses and all is well but the chorus is just too much for me. I WANT TO LIKE THIS SONG but sadly I just can't. Linda and were talking about this song just last week and decided it's a baby bit polarizing.

Regardless, I still love Adele and still love you. Can we still get along?