Friday, September 24, 2010


My mom has been putting slides from my childhood onto CD's so I got a whole bunch of photos yesterday I haven't seen since she and my dad would set up the projector in the living room and we'd eat popcorn and watch ourselves on the big screen.

My brother Sterling and I are 18 months apart (I was first, no matter what he might try to get you to believe. A wife and a baby DOESN'T MAKE YOU THE OLDEST!) and then Emily came along about 3 1/2 years later. Ster and I had some good bonding time when we were the only ones in the family and although sibling relationships always have some rough spots, we were pretty good friends all through growing up.

I obviously don't remember this photo because I was probably about four when it was taken but I just love it. I think I do more of the leaning on Sterling now that we are adults.

Don't worry future children-the genes are good.

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Jamie said...

You are both adorable!