Monday, September 27, 2010

My Left Footloose

I had a bad dream last night that followed me into my morning. Good thing this remix of one of last fall's best tunes was here for me.

I've been like a little crack addict with this song since it cycled through Pandora last week. If you are looking for a Pandora station that will keep you flipping to the internet to see what sweet, sweet goodness is in your ears, try the "Florence and the Machine" station. Fabulous remixes, so many great covers and a notebook full of scribbles for bands I have to look up.

Lisztomania got me through many a workout last year when my Boston lungs were struggling-I'm hoping it will work some similiar magic today. I may have taken a week off running after climbing Pikes Peak and um...I might need a little extra dose of motivation.


Jamie said...

Phoenix makes me happy

CoCo said...

always a solid choice

Mike said...

Re: "try the Florence and the Machine station"
Excellent call...earbuds firmly in place