Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I head to Salt Lake for my fourth Wasatch Back Relay tomorrow evening. 4 Cliffords, 2 Sanchezes, 2 Holley, one Honorary Cooper Clifford and a Way Rad Rick, my brother-in-law's boyfriend, and a friend Emily and I have been internet stalking for years and finally get to meet in the flesh will all be stuffed into 2 vans for 30 hours and 188 miles that none of us are probably entirely ready for. Four years and I'm still dizzy excited about it. It gets bigger every year which has some drawbacks but I always end up running to all kinds of random old friends, getting a great workout, running under the stars and ending up with a million inside jokes we'll talk about for years. This time around we even got rooms at The Canyons so that post-race we can stumble right into long hotel showers, big soft beds and plenty of time in the hot tub.

Top it all of with getting to meet our newest family member, Wyatt Mark, and give Morgan the tiny LeBron high tops I bought at the Nike store last week and I think I can rightly refer to this weekend as "epic".

Don't worry, with my iPhone charged up and my camera glued to my hand, you probably won't miss much ; )


cropstar said...

Good luck! Can't wait to hear about the race and wish I was one of the 12 in your motley crew.

Jamie said...

Good luck!

H. Brown said...

my goodness! i am dizzy reading this (can you tell it's catch up on katie's blog day?). anyway, your entire life pretty much dizzies me, so i guess this post is no exception. and you're right, you kept us all well informed. so glad it was a great time!