Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Face Blog

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think internet haters are stupid. You know, the people who love to tell you that they don't do facebook because they prefer "real interaction." The internet and I have been tight for about 15 years now and if anything, it has allowed me to keep people in my life and to turn acquantances into friends in a way that would be tougher without the help of blogs and status updates.

The internet was extraordinarily kind to me last Friday night. My mom and I were on day two of my Boston to Colorado trek and thanks to, we ended up getting a good last minute deal on a hotel in Columbus, Ohio. We both hopped onto our computers once we got to our room and I checked in on my friend Beckie who had been on a crazy layover in NYC that day. And what to my wondering eyes did appear but a status update that little Miss Beckie was IN COLUMBUS OHIO. So I called her, and not only was she in Columbus, she was at a hotel one exit away. Twenty minutes later we were enjoying Chinese take out and trying to take a photo that didn't betray all the time in cars and planes between us (we were mostly unsuccessful). I get sort of dizzy when I think of all the things that had to work out to get us to that hotel room.

So thanks Facebook. If you hadn't taught us all to broadcast our activities at all times I might have missed out on some pretty great "real interaction".


Cristin said...

I agree with you. I love how I have been able to reconnect with people through the internet.

CoCo said...

Thanks for your internet testimony Katie. That is inspiring. :)

And to other readers I mean that sincerely ... I realize the tone could be misunderstood as one of sarcasm, but it's not. I'm so glad you got to see Beckie. Seriously, how fun!

Skinner Family said...

I agree with you about keeping in touch with people. I have issues where people try to hurt other people, but that is when I realize they are very immature! (And High School ended FOREVER ago.) Thanks for sharing!

cropstar said...

Like (with a little thumbs up next to it)

jane said...

that's awesome. love updates. love the internet. boo to internet haters, one day karma will get them back.