Thursday, April 05, 2007

Deep in the Heart

Well I'm off to Texas for Spring Break. I might not come back if I meet a nice football coach...

Happy Easter everyone!!


aporitic said...


You are dead to me.

k8 said...

austin. i feel like it's in but not of.

Chloe Elizabeth said...

I was wondering...but I have heard good things about Austin.

aporitic said...

"In but not of?" I suppose that's possible.

It's actually not Texas that I have a problem with, it's "Texas people" -- or Texicans as I like to think of them. You know they type, the "Texan by the grace of God" and "don't mess with Texas" kind of people who take hometown pride to an especially obnoxious level, people who get genuinely angry at you if you don't have anything but adoration for everything about their state.

It's petty, I know, but those people have permanently turned me against the whole place.

So, I guess you're not dead to me after all. More like "hospitalized with a life-threatening condition." Maybe I'll look for a get-well card.