Friday, December 28, 2012

Summer lovin'

I've been a little under the weather while here in Utah so I've spent a fair amount of time watching movies and catching up on the internet.

And also creeping through my sister's photos from our Paris trip. It's blowing my brain a little bit that it was a year ago she and I were discussing whether or not we were really going to do it. It was such a beautiful trip but I've already determined I need to go again with better hair and cuter clothes. But I'll definitely take a tall dark and handsome boy again-makes the photos way more fun ; )

Anyway I found a couple of fun ones I hadn't seen. Got me daydreaming about what 2013 might bring…

Our guide made us do this at Versaille. I'm pretty glad we obeyed. 

Between this trip and our winter travels, Lance I actually spent a fair amount of time like this. 

I just love everything about this one. That neighborhood was magic, it's Amelie's restaurant, we look kind of awesome. Just love it. 

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cropfoto said...

Ah! That last photo is PERFECTION.