Sunday, April 29, 2012


I got a very out of the blue text this week from a boy I spent a little time with last fall. It ended really badly with a situation that made me feel like I was on a bad reality TV show and resulted in some serious rethinking of the kind of people I was allowing in my life.

So I know he's bad news, but a boy doesn't pop up after five months just to say "hi". It's usually something super nice about missing you or thinking about you or something else that you would totally have fallen prey to when you were 25. I am not always good at standing my ground when it comes to someone I really cared about but who didn't behave well.  I tend to give second chances and believe that "things will be different". That can be a really terrible dating strategy unfortunately soI was really proud of myself when I was perfectly nice but didn't allow myself to get sucked back into anything.

This little song came on a show I was watching today and I couldn't help but smile a little bit. Just because  you can be strong and say "no" that doesn't mean your mind doesn't wander back to perfect first kisses and whispered admissions of tender feelings.

I've been frustrated lately with the complete and utter lack of any kind of romantic developments in my life. Sometimes it's nice to get a reminder that there have in the past been, and perhaps in the future will be, gentlemen who think I'm smart and funny and that my eyes are amazing.

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