Monday, December 19, 2011

Due Date

Someday, when my soon-to-be nephew is old enough to sit through a story we will tell him the one about how his parents and aunts are totally crazy.

Because one night over Christmas vacation, someone told them that they heard if you change elevation quickly you can make a baby come early. So at 10:00 at night, they loaded up the minivan with his two older brothers and they drove from St. George to Cedar City, got some fries and a few Diet Cokes, and drove home again.

It did NOT in fact, make the baby come. But that's how excited we are about you baby. So hurry up, so many people are excited to meet you. And when you leave, can you push your Seattle cousin down the chute too? Nephewpalooza 2011 needs to START.

(We tried some yoga on the red rocks too-nothing. Except this totally awesome photo.)


mike m. said...

You girls couldn't get more cool. Ideal life fueled by diet coke and DP.

Megan said...

holy crap. i love this for so many many reasons. wish I was there drinking diet dp with all of you and trying to induce tasha's labor. oh tasha--the best mother on the planet. please alert the internets when that baby comes. i'm dying to meet him.

Jamie said...

This photo is awesome. Two very lovely ladies and I love the tinies below the rocks!