Monday, October 17, 2011


We have to write the date and day of the week on a white board in the office or else no one has any idea if it's Tuesday or Saturday. But I do know that today was grey day.
And here's a little story I shared with our PR team tonight... One of the Pelota guys is French and needed to make a call to France. His phone wasn’t working and I’m a sucker for a chance to speak French so I let him use my cell phone (I only work for a 403b, no big deal letting a guy call France on my cell phone right?). He was in the Processing room so he was trying stuff on and trying to figure out the country code at the same time. We offered to help track down the code so he left the phone with me and went to the dressing room. After several failed attempts to get the right collection of numbers it was finally ringing so I, ever the helpful one, dashed over to the dressing room to give him the phone and yep, you guessed it, yanked the curtain open to reveal a whole bunch of mostly naked Pelota players. I’m not sure if the roar in the dressing room in front of me or the roar in the processing room behind me was louder but a good time was had by all.


CoCo said...

It's going to take a lot of proof to convince me you didn't do that on purpose! :)

p.s. cute jeans. ;)

H. Brown said...

Now I have to Google Pelota. Thank you.