Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Feet

As if my sister getting hitched wasn't enough excitement for 2010-we added another baby to our nephew pool last night!

Wyatt Mark was born 10 minutes after his parents got to the hospital, I guess when it's time to come out, it's time to come out!

The good news is I only have to wait a few weeks to meet the little weasel because the Wasatch Back Relay is just around the corner. I wonder how a newborn would fare in the car with us for 30 hours?

With this new arrival, I'm pretty sure we've hit our quota of major family events for the year.

Major congrats to Christopher, Tasha and Mr. Morgan, the world's most adorable big brother.


SeƱora H-B said...

Oh, how adorable! Congratulations Aunt Katie!

Megan said...

he's so flipping adorable. i hope he plays air guitar like his namesake grampa mark.

CoCo said...

I had fingers crossed for "Wyatt" b/c Cheyenne (to be born in July) + Wyatt = super cute baby boyfriend and girlfriend. Those names are MTB (meant to be).